Taking the “resent” out of Presentation… a quick primer

Coming from the world of Internet marketing, webinars and online education, I’ve seen and participated in my fair share of powerpoint presentations. If you’ve ever sat through an hour of being talked at, you have probably felt like me – that’s an hour of mylife I can’t get back.

I ran across this great powerpoint by Arthur Sevenstern, from Cliff Atkinson’s Beyond Bullet Points discussion group on LinkedIn. Cliff is the presentation guru that is helping to drive the “resent” out of Presentations (like that? I just made that up!).

Check it out – and be sure to read the comments. There are some excellent add-ons to creating an ever better outcome.

No, Cliff didn’t pay for this plug – I just loved it. When you are talking about transparent marketing tactics, you want to immediately identify and connect with your audience, to let them know you understand them. It sets the expectation that you will be giving them insight and information they can actually use. At CommPartners, our goal is always to make the experience interactive, using social media, discussions and chats, and a lot of interaction between presenter and audience. Granted, not all presentations lend themselves to this type of format, so if you are a talking head, it is even more important to keep ’em awake with a great slide deck.

If you haven’t read Beyond Bullet Points, the opening chapter is a recount of a case study, where, in a court battle, the attorney for the prosecution used such a compelling slide show to make his point, the jury members remembered it a year after the trial ended.

That’s the power of a great presentation. Now, go forth and build one.




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  1. Bill Lennon says:

    Thank you Michelle. Great presentation! Thank you for sharing.

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