Webinar Mad Libs

What do you really think of the webinars you attend? Fill in the blanks! You can use more than one word.

Look, I love a good webinar – and have given a few myself. But any more, a full hour of talking heads and bullet points make me want to (1)_____________.

A good webinar should be no more than (2)______ minutes long, and should never (3)_________________.

I love it when the moderator (4)______________________.

When I see a poll, I usually (5)_____________________ before I pick an answer.

I hate it when someone (6)_______________________ and doesn’t know it!

The best webinar I ever saw had (7) _________________________ and a (8)________________________________, and was (9)____________ long.

I can always tell when the questions are (10)______________  because (11)________________________________.

My biggest pet peeve about webinar invitations is only giving (12)_________________________________________________.

Reply with your list. Answers to be shared next time!